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Current Teaching Programme

Sundays @ 10am September 2017

3rd Derek Stringer

10th Family Service & Church Parade - Martyn Payne

17th Keith White

24th Sandra West

Sundays @ 10am October 2017

1st Jonah 1 - Stephen Hall

8th Harvest Family Service & Church Parade - Steve Morley

15th Jonah 2 - Ian Sawyer

22nd Jonah 3 - Bob Bailey

29th Alan Goldring - MAF

Sundays @ 10am November 2017

5th Jonah 4 - Roger O’Connor

12th Remembrance Sunday Family Service & Church Parade - Ian Sawyer

 19th Habukkuk 1 - Sandara West

26th Habukkuk 2 - Bob Bailey

During the autumn we will be taking a look at two of the minor prophets in the Bible, Jonah and Habukkuk. Through these prophets we will see many parallels between their situations and ours, learn much about God’s dealings with His people and know that God is the God of second chances and new beginnings.

Join us Sunday by Sunday as we journey together.

Jonah 1 - Running from God

Jonah 2 - Running to God

Jonah 3 - Running with God

Jonah 4 - Running against God

Habukkuk 1 - The Burden

Habukkuk 2 - The Watch & the Vision

Habukkuk 3 - The Prayer