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Starting in June we will be looking at some of the prayers of the Old Testament. These prayers may well surprise us and show us new ways of praying. They will show diverse moods and expressions of prayer and show that a variety of emotions can play a part in calling us into God’s presence. They will also answer questions such as:

Can I be honest with God in prayer?

Can I truly bring all my emotions as I pray?

Does God really care about everything in my life?

Does God really enter into every part of my life?

The prayers will show God as powerful and majestic, the creator of all and Lord over all. They will also help us see god as the one who saves His people from disaster, and the one who listens and cares when His people are suffering and in need.

Hopefully we will appreciate more what a mighty and yet gentle God we have and what a privilege it is to be invited to pray.


Join us Sunday by Sunday as we discover what God has to say to us through His word.

Sundays @ 10am August 2018

5th Old Testament Prayers - Isaiah - Bob Bailey

12th Family Service - Ian Sawyer

19th Old Testament Prayers - Moses & Miriam - Sandra West

26th Bob Bell

Old Testament Prayers